Thursday, January 5, 2012

Occupy San Diego Permaculture Begins

Permaculture is a foundation point for the building of a sustainable occupation.  If we look deeper into the global uprising spreading across the globe--we see a fundamental shift toward better ways of living regardless of religion, race, and language.  Though this shift is scene mainly as a political upheaval, with protests, and tear gas, brutality and corruption--the underlying shift is much more sublime and resonant on a silent frequency.

Permaculture is part of this underlying shift.  It is a method to find better ways of living in harmony.  In the Andes mountains the indigenous cultures call this Sumak Kawsay--roughly translated into "The Good Life."  And in the countries of Ecuador and Bolivia the people have re-written their state constitutions to reflect the mindset of these ancient traditions.  Instead of corporate person-hood, they have given Nature constitutional rights, so as to protect and nourish her.  Imagine that!

We have a beautiful opportunity to share in this global awakening.  The world is watching.  So is Mother Nature.  Let's make our gardens the foundation point for Sumak Kawsay in San Diego, and be the voice for the good life!


'Good living incorporates a human, ethical and holistic dimension to the relationships of human beings, not only to their own history but with their natural surroundings."-Pablo Davalos

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