Tuesday, November 22, 2011

OSD Gardens-Pumpkin Compost and Planting

Occupy San Diego Garden is surviving thanks to the volunteer work being done on all levels.  Support is coming in the form of coffee grinds, oyster shells and pumpkins for composting, buckets for saving food committee left-overs, and occupy labor parties planting and designing future beds.  As you can see in the video, we have room to grow!

OSD Garden Committee has put a call out to San Diego's  99% asking for a county-wide planting on all levels.  This means you.  Start planting seeds indoors now for future expansion.  Once sprouted, if you don't have room, or you do not have a green thumb, the garden committee will accept them and transplant them for you.

This is your garden.  Together we will feed the 99%.  If you'd like to get on the osd-garden e-mail group, leave a comment here and we'll contact you.


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  1. We visited the Occupy Gardens yesterday -- the energy of life there is invigorating. The radishes are growing fast! There are green tomatoes on the vine and the green beans are stretching up to the sun. And let's not forget the cilantro (my favorite herb). Happy holidays!