Saturday, November 12, 2011

First Days of Occupy Gardens at City College

Here is a quick video documenting  the beginning of Occupy Gardens here in San Diego.  

Updates/Requests/Information:  This week we planted broccoli, cilantro, mixed greens, and a tomato plant brought up from the Civic center.  Our compost pile is filled with Halloween pumpkins, hay and turned over dirt, leaves and brush.  We are networking with local farms to organize for a thanksgiving day meal.  If you can contribute please leave a comment on this post.  As always, please plant seeds indoors wherever you are and bring future transplants to the Civic Center.  We will find them homes.  
Thanks to Sarah and Robert for helping out this past Tuesday and Mellisa for Occupying the gardens on Thursday.  Also to Josh at for providing support and pumpkins for pie-making.

Garden Group e-mail:  If you'd like to get e-mails about gardening schedules and coordination please join the [osd-gardens] group and participate in the free flow of ideas that help keep the garden growing!


Gardening is civil and social,
but it wants the vigor and freedom
of the forest and the outlaw.  

~Henry David Thoreau

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